By Jon Keller

WASHINGTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren will be sworn-in during a ceremony in Washington on Thursday.

In an interview with WBZ’s Jon Keller, she was excited, skeptical and emotional about beginning her tenure.

Warren says she is a little revolted about what she is walking into.

“I just thought the whole thing was just shameful,” Warren says of the fiscal cliff fight. “I am shocked, shocked that the Republicans would just stand up and say ‘hey look you know we hate this deal because it didn’t cut Social Security enough, and didn’t protect millionaires enough.’ Just what’s wrong?”

With Senator John Kerry likely leaving to become Secretary of State, Warren will not be the junior senator for long. Scott Brown, who she just beat in November, has not ruled out a run in a special election. How would she like to work with him?

“I didn’t vote for him,” Warren said laughing. “He’s been very helpful in this transition and I am grateful for that, but there are real differences between us and those haven’t evaporated.”

Warren will also be holding a reception and re-enactment of her swearing in ceremony on Saturday at Roxbury Community College in Boston.


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