By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

Two simple words sum up the forecast for today and through the end of the week…cold and quiet. This morning is the first time that Boston has fallen into the teens since last February. Yikes! Overall, sunshine will dominate, but so will the bone-chilling morning low temperatures and chilly afternoons.

Today will be sunny with a few building clouds later in the day. There is an ever so slight chance of a few flurries blowing around the area. The mercury will not even reach the 30F degree mark for many neighborhoods. The range will be from 25F-32F with the ‘mildest’ air across southeastern Massachusetts. Winds will blow around 5-15 mph from the northwest which will add that ‘extra’ chill.

Thursday will be a bright and chilly day as well. Highs will be in the 25-30F range once again. Friday will break the ‘below freezing’ spell as highs hover in the middle 30s. It will be mostly sunny and breezy as well.

This weekend is showing promise of warming to near 40F as well as rather quiet weather prevailing. Although, it’s far away in terms of forecasting, models are hinting at a warm-up that may include 50s in the forecast late next week.

*This month’s Full ‘Wolf’ Moon will be occur on January 26 @ 11:39pm.

Stay warm!
~Melissa :)


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