By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

METHUEN (CBS) – A very popular sledding hill for families is now off limits in Methuen.

Police are no longer allowing anyone to sled down the Greycourt Park hill located behind city hall.

Officials say this past week, three people were seriously injured when they collided with trees that are in the middle of the sled trail.

“It’s a big hill it’s a steep hill and it’s a fast hill but safety first,” Methuen City Councilor Jamie Atkinson said.

The area is now roped off with police tape.

“We don’t want to see anyone’s fun ruined but we don’t want to see anyone injured either,” Methuen Police Lt. Michael Pappalardo said. “These accidents have been recent and have caused us some concern from a public safety standpoint.”

Officers now say they could arrest anyone sledding on the hill and charge them with trespassing. The hill is owned by the state, but the city maintains the property.

Resident Ron Ramsden said his kids have sled down this hill many times before.

“Kids need a place to get out and run around. I would let me kids here if they weren’t going to be arrested,” Ramsden said.

But police are now patrolling the area making sure everyone stays off.

“The sledding is dangerous. We have caution tape up so no sledding is allowed and the gates are locked,” Mayor Stephen Zanni said.


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