By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

We are well underway here with the second big storm of the week.  Only this time it’s more about the snow here in Southern New England.  The center of the storm is rapidly strengthening and traveling northeast into the waters off the coastline.  The low will slide just south of Nantucket and then up into the Canadian Maritimes by tomorrow morning.  Most of the area is seeing snow at this time and it is heavy in spots with snowfall rates of 1-2 inches per hour creating very difficult driving conditions.  But, along and near the coastline it is a different story, milder ocean air is worked in and it is literally pouring and not snowing.  Over the next couple of hours, as the storm gets stronger, the wind will shift slightly from the northeast to the north allowing colder air to be drawn toward the coastline and rain will flip back to snow for one last intense burst before the storm pulls away after midnight.

Snow amounts are going to vary greatly across the region.  Most towns away from the coast should pick up 6-8″.  There will be a little less, 3-6″ in Northern New England and a little more in Interior SE Massachusetts.  Along the coast, including the North Shore, South Shore, Cape and Islands amounts will be held down quite a bit from the rain and the snow that does accumulate will be heavy and wet so take it easy when shoveling.  The snow that falls north and west of Boston will be a light and fluffy snow, very easy to move around.

This is a very fast-moving storm and although we will see a solid thumping of snow, the heavy snow will be wrapping up a little after midnight and all the snow will stop falling by dawn Sunday.  In the wake of the storm expect clearing skies but an icy, gusty wind creating windchill values in the single digits and teens through the day.


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