By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

DORCHESTER (CBS) – A bad call by a suspected robber landed him in the hospital.

Police say 38-year-old Shawn Brown tried to rob Welles Liquor Mart in Dorchester Sunday night and wound up getting pummeled by a couple of employees armed with, of course, a bottle of booze.

“His head was split open and his nose was broken. There was blood everywhere,” store employee Jeff Quach said.

Police say Brown, who’s from New Hampshire, grabbed a stack of cash and ran, but the owner’s son and another employee managed to cut him off before he could reach the door.

A struggle followed. One of the two workers started whacking the suspect with a liquor bottle. The fight lasted about three minutes and even poured out onto the sidewalk on Dorchester Avenue.

“He was dazed and confused but he wiggles out of his jacket and starting running,” Quach said.

Brown managed to get away for a short time, but he was later arrested and transported to the hospital with multiple injuries.

Once out of the hospital, he faces armed robbery charges.

No one from the store was injured.


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