WBZ-TV's Bobby Sisk reports

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s already a busy travel week, but factor in a storm system that covers much of the eastern United States and the headaches begin.

“We’ve been looking at the weather all morning long and we looked at every other option,” said Steve Cornell, who along with his family is trying to get to Dallas on Delta Airlines.

The concern is a layover once they fly from Logan to Newark.

“I’m assuming there are probably going to be delays. Right now we’re preparing for the worst and that would be that we’re going to have a layover in Newark and maybe even spend the night and go out tomorrow morning,” he said.

By evening, Newark had excessive delays due to weather and wind.

Cornell’s wife is a corporate travel agent but this time of year with booked flights, it’s impossible to make changes.

“We said lets just roll the dice. We thought about even going out tomorrow afternoon, but we’re planning to do a second Christmas tomorrow night with my wife’s family down in Texas. Everybody is getting together so we have to get there so we’re going to do everything we can,” he said.

At the American Airlines ticket counter, WBZ also found passengers keeping a closer than normal watch on the forecast.

“We’ve watched it from home and according to the screen here we’re still on time. Of course anything could happen in the next couple of hours,” said Charles Gruszka.

He and his wife were also headed to Dallas, but they were thankful to be on a direct flight. Even with that, it could be an interesting ride, Charles said.

“We’re expecting we’re either going to be flying above it or right through it or in some pretty heavy winds so I expect it’ll be a pretty rocky ride and some finger nail marks in my forearm from my pal here,” he said smiling at his wife Kathleen.

Overall, the day after Christmas has gone smoothly at Logan.

Travelers we talked to expected crowds and arrived earlier than normal, all with fingers crossed they’d get where they planned on-time.

By late evening, a check of Delta’s schedule showed the Cornell’s flight from Newark was delayed but still departing for Dallas.

“This time of year you just have to take it in stride,” Steve Cornell said.


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