BOSTON (CBS) – Seven New England Patriots were named to the Pro Bowl roster Wednesday night.

Rob Gronkowski, Logan Mankins, Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork were named as starters for the AFC team.

Tom Brady, Matthew Slater and Wes Welker were also selected.

“It is flattering to be selected, but I have always considered Pro Bowl recognition as a reflection of the team’s overall success,” said Brady. “I am happy for my many teammates who were selected again this year. I know that there are many others who are equally deserving of the opportunity. One day, I am sure I will have a greater appreciation for individual accomplishments, but this week my focus is simply on our preparations for Miami.”

It is the eighth Pro Bowl selection for Brady and the fifth for Mankins, Wilfork and Welker. Gronkowski, Slater and Mayo have each been named twice.

“To be selected to my fifth Pro Bowl is amazing,” said Wilfork. “I am honored and humbled. More importantly, I am proud that the other guys on my team are getting the recognition they deserve.”

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was named the AFC starting quarterback and Aaron Rodgers was named as the NFC starting quarterback.


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