Best Tailgating Cooks in New England

New England tailgaters know how to cook (Credit, Angie Frissore)

The locals of New England know that if there’s one thing that people around here do right, it’s food. New England cuisine is a unique blend of culture, characterized by its use of seafood products such as lobster, clams and haddock. The history of the food dates back to New England’s earliest settlers, who brought upon the tradition of clam chowder, baked beans and oysters. The tradition is on full display at the tailgates of Gillette Stadium. For a person who’s spent any amount of time in Boston, they’ll surely find many of the smells of the lot in Foxboro to closely resemble Beantown’s most famed restaurants and hangout spots. Native tailgaters also put a spin on the use of deep fryers, stirring up fried shrimp, fried scallops and of course, Boston’s famed fried clams. Patriots’ tailgaters serve up almost anything and everything you can think of. Delish has even named Foxboro as one of the top tailgating cities in the U.S.

The New Englander

You’ll find this tailgater often making various types of seafood, whether it be fried, grilled, boiled or something else. Under their tent, things like fried clams, lobster rolls, crab cakes, clam chowder and scallops are on display. They’ll have sides of baked beans and there will be an occasional New England pot roast and jonnycake. You might even find one of New England’s many locally brewed lagers or ales.

The Traditionalist

This tailgater makes sure everyone has the staples: burgers and ice-cold beer. They might also throw in some hot dogs and sausage and peppers. Anything that’s quick and easy is on the menu, so that the focus is on the game and not the food.

The “Anything and Everything” 

Nothing phases this tailgater, as there isn’t a food he hasn’t touched. Every game, you’ll find something new on display. One week, their crew serves up the New England special, and the next you might find chili, burgers, chicken wings, sausage and peppers, subs, pulled pork or even steaks. Drinks are always different too. They’ll even serve up a nice, cold margarita in the middle of winter.

The “Anything Except Burgers and Dogs”

This tailgaters scoffs at the idea of the traditional burgers and dogs, making anything but. This team will strive to stand out, making tailgating one hell of an experience.

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