During the Red Sox season 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Rich Shertenleib went to Bobby Valentine’s pregame press conference to ask the manager a question from the listeners.

“Obviously it’s been a tough year for the fans of the Red Sox and if you had to make your case to those fans as to why you should remain the manager of the Red Sox next year, what would you say to them?” Rich asked the manager.

It all seemed fairly harmless, but many writers didn’t care for it. So they wrote their stories, which in turn led Fred Toucher on one of his all-time rants on the “Boston Sports Lodge.”

But it didn’t end there.

WGAM’s –ESPN Radio in New Hampshire — Matt Perrault took offense to what T&R were saying about Gordon Edes, and went on a rant of his own. He called Toucher and Rich a couple of yahoos — very good yahoos — but let them have it for taking on Gordon.

Fast forward to December, T&R contacted Perrault and actually got him to come on the air and explain the things that he said.


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