BOSTON (CBS) – Patriots Hall of Famer Drew Bledsoe joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zolak on Friday for his weekly football chat, previewing the Patriots matchup with the Jaguars on Sunday and looking back at their loss to the 49ers.

Is it tough to prepare for a lesser team, like the Jaguars, after playing such a hard-fought game against one of the NFL’s best?

“One thing the Patriots have been pretty good about the last decade is they beat the teams they’re supposed to beat,” said Bledsoe. “I expect them to go down there, respect their opponent, play well and get the victory and move on.”

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It was a hard-fought loss for the Patriots on Sunday night, coming back from a 31-3 deficit only to lose in the end. Many look at is as a “good loss” for New England, but Bledsoe doesn’t believe such a thing exists.

“I never felt there was such thing as a good loss, but you can takes positives from a loss,” he said. “You lose a game, that sucks, but win or lose you’re always trying to get better. So you can find positives in a loss, but I never viewed any of them as a good thing.”

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Despite the Pats’ next two opponents sporting a combine record of 8-20, can their meetings with the Jags and Dolphins help as they prepare for the playoffS?

“You have your hands full when you’re prepping for any game; whether you’re playing the 49ers or Jaguars. You have to prep well and be ready, and that’s the best way to prepare going into the playoffs,” said Bledsoe. “Make sure you’re doing your work each week and then it’s not that different when you get in the playoffs.”

Bledsoe also talks about meeting up with Snoop Dog (or Lion), and airs his own sports grievance!


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