By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – With an announcement expected shortly on Senator John Kerry’s likely nomination as Secretary of State, speculation about a possible race to succeed him is heating up.

Ted Kennedy Jr. is the latest name to create buzz, and while the late senator’s namesake makes his home in Connecticut, you don’t have to live here to run here.

He can count on support from Democrats including the latest Kennedy elected from Massachusetts.

“He’s got a very strong commitment to public service and I hope he is able to exercise it,” says Congressman-elect Joe Kennedy III.

Ted Kennedy Jr. appeared on the campaign trail for Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren earlier this year.

Meanwhile, another out-of-stater, actor Ben Affleck, didn’t quite rule himself out in an interview on CBS This Morning.

And more-likely Democratic candidates got some daunting news from the first senate race poll which shows Scott Brown in commanding position as the horses approach the starting gate.

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