It’s time for another quick “No Huddle” trip around the NFL with Gresh and Zo. Hardy fires off questions rapid-fire and plays some audio from the NFL games this week.

1. The biggest story in the NFL this week involves a quarterback controversy on a team that’s not even in contention to make the playoffs, the New York Jets. Rex Ryan has come out and said that he’ll be starting Greg McElroy over Tim Tebow on Sunday. Rex why? Tim Tebow commented on the situation.

2. The Redskins look like they’ll be getting Robert Griffin III back this week. Michael Vick is actually playing the role of Griffin for the Eagles scout team this week, but the talk in the Redskins locker room yesterday was about Kirk Cousins’ new haircut, here’s RG3. Cousins explain the situation.

3. The Patriots and 49ers were featured on NFL Network’s Sound FX last night and the guys played a few clips. First, Niners safety Dashon Goldsen in the pregame huddle. Next was the Colin Kaepernick touchdown pass to Randy Moss followed by a conversation between the two. Finally a clip of Tom Brady just before the comeback and at the it features Moss talking to the 49ers defensive back about things to look for with Brady.


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