Former champion boxer Mike Tyson is taking his one-man show “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth” on a three-month tour to more than a dozen cities starting in February 2013.

The two-hour show, which traces Iron Mike’s rise from violent street hood in Brooklyn to a fearsome athlete to his dramatic fall, debuted in Las Vegas and had a limited run on Broadway this summer.

Some of the highlights from the show include stories about Tyson’s first wife Robin Givens, promoter Don King and Brad Pitt.

Tyson talked to Rich Shertenlieb of 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich about the show, which has now added a stop in Boston, and what people can expect when he takes the stage.

Rich asked Iron Mike what he would tell his younger self knowing what he knows now.

“There’s nothing I could say to him because there’s nothing he wanted to hear back then,” said Tyson.

They went one to discuss some of the questionable sound bites that he has given in the past, and the boxer’s stint in prison.

Tyson talked about how some guards targeted him in prison, and even started fights with him — which didn’t end well for the guards.

“They didn’t do well at all,” said Tyson. “We all became friends afterwards, and that’s really all that counts. Love and forgiveness, right Rich?”

They also discussed his divorce from first wife Robin Givens and her relationship with Brad Pitt.

Plus, find out how Tyson took the news that Rich used to beat him up all the time when he played the classic video game “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out”!!


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