HINGHAM (CBS)- Local police are warning residents across the state of holiday grinches out to put a damper on your holiday.

With less than a week until Christmas, UPS says their biggest day for deliveries will be Thursday.

Earlier this month, Stoneham Police investigated a series of thefts involving packages being stolen off porch steps.

Police have been urging residents to have the shipping company require your signature for the package to be delivered or have a neighbor bring your packages in if you won’t be home.

Last Christmas in Hingham, police had 14 home invasions, mostly between Dec. 5 through the 22.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports 

Some of the homes were in wooded areas, making them isolated and perfect targets for thieves.

Now, police are warning residents to take precautions like making sure doors and windows are locked and not leaving computers, jewelry and medications in easy-to-find locations.

Swampscott Police also released a warning to residents Wednesday after a series of break-ins in certain sections of town.

Police say timers on lights are a good idea to give the impression that people are home.

Police also say not to announce you’re leaving on social media since anyone can see it and know you’re home is empty.

Hingham Police say most car break-ins happen in driveways, not parking lots, so don’t leave anything of value in a car while you’re gone for the holidays.


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