BOSTON (CBS) – After falling to the Chicago Bulls 100-89 to finish their road trip  0-3, the Boston Celtics find themselves back at .500 for the season.

Following the loss, Celtics head coach Doc Rivers didn’t sugarcoat the state of his team.

“Right now we’re not a good team,” said Rivers. “We’re going to find it. But we’re not right now. We’re just going to keep searching for it.”

The Celtics left for their road trip on a two-game win streak, but were not all that competitive in any of their three stops. Once again the Celtics were dominated in the paint on Tuesday night, with the Bulls outscoring them 48-36 and winning the battle on the glass 43-35.

Boston whittled Chicago’s lead down to three late in the third quarter, but let the Bulls streak to a 9-0 run and were outscored 30-12 from that point on.

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Overall it was another underwhelming effort from Boston’s basketball team, but that is to be expected from a 12-12 team.

“It’s who we are right now,” Rivers said. “I’ve been saying that. This is who we are right now. We’re a .500 team and we play like that.”

While the Celtics have shown sparks of good play, Rivers stressed they’re longest win streak has been two games and they lack overall consistency.

“I think we’ve got the group. We’ve got to find the right group and the right combination at the right time. But we’re going to keep searching. This team is not a good team right now.”

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The Celtics return home Wednesday night to face the Cleveland Cavaliers.


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