By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

We are in an active pattern with multiple storms rolling through New England this week…sadly for snow lovers and those craving a white Christmas, each storm will have warmer temps with it.

The first storm is wrapping up now across the area and we saw a little of everything…ice happened to be a big player for the western and northern suburbs of Boston.  There is a solid glaze coating everything as temps have hovered around 32 for the last 24 hours.  Cold air is trapped in the interior, this is a common weather event here in New England and it’s called cold air damming.  Cold air is heavier than warm air so it hugs the ground and becomes firmly entrenched.  When the warm air swirls in it’s forced up and over the cold dome…this creates mixed precip and ice.

Eventually the cold gets eroded but it’s a very slow process and it begins at the edges of the cold dome…near the ocean first…that is why you won’t find icing in Boston or points SE.  Tonight, it will take most of the night for areas north and west of Boston to get safely above 32 degrees so icing will continue to be an issue on any untreated surface.  This is also a concern because our next storm will be arriving late tonight with another dose of heavy rain…the icing won’t be as significant as it was with the first storm as temps will be marginally cold enough by morning.  Rain will be heavy though for the morning commute and we won’t see improvements until late morning as the rain tapers off.

Wednesday and Thursday will be between storms and we’ll see a nice break with brightening and temps in the 40s.

The final storm of the week will end up traveling to our west and north, funneling a very warm and unstable air-mass into Southern New England for Friday morning.  The result will be warm, windswept downpours once again impacting  the morning commute on Friday.

Following those downpours, strong NW winds will follow…delivering a blast of cold for the upcoming weekend…with highs in the 30s and low in the 20s.  But NW winds, aside from some flurries, will keep any precip out of here.


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