MEDFORD (CBS) – A conservative student publication at Tufts University has sparked outrage with what many are calling an offensive parody poking fun at activists who speak out against rape, according to The Tufts Daily.

The Primary Source printed a parody Christmas carol called “Take Back the Night” that pokes fun at an organization that works to stop violence against women.

“Tufts feminists, take back the night, From evil male opressors,” it reads in part.

Click here to read the full text

Tufts’ student newspaper noted that the carol is an exact reprint from a 1999 issue of The Primary Source, including the misspelling of the word “oppressors.”

Tufts administrators put out a statement criticizing The Primary Source for making light of sexual assault, and saying the publication does not represent the opinions of the majority of the community.

The editor of The Primary Source said that the journal was imposing a semester suspension on itself and will review its editorial practices.


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