By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

It’s going to be another beautiful December day, and it will be even better that yesterday as high temperatures reach the upper 40s to near 50F.
Saturday will be the end of the dry, calm stretch with mostly sunny skies and highs in the lower 40s. Then—

#1 … Sunday is the beginning of what looks to be an active week ahead. Light snow will develop from late morning through the early afternoon. The 540 line (rain/snow) will slowly travel northward on Sunday. The snow will switch to rain for Boston and areas south of the Pike during the late afternoon and early evening hours…from 6pm-midnight for neighborhoods just north of the Mass Pike as well as the North Shore. From the north-central Mass. to NH to the Merrimack Valley, there is the chance that the precipitaion remains all snow/freezing rain/sleet for the longevity of storm system #1. So, these areas may see several inches of snow. It’s an extremely tough call right now, but it’s becoming more likely that this may come to fruition. This system will exit New England on Monday morning. Highs will be around the upper 30s to lower 40s.

#2 … The next system looks more potent, but the GFSx and the EURO continue to show different tracks which also makes it difficult to determine the type of precipitation that will be affecting us. The GFSx has a slight chance of a rain/snow shower PM Tuesday with the ‘heart’ of the storm staying offshore. Then, it shows a chance for snow showers (especially inside 495) on Wednesday. The EURO has different timing and a different track. It depicts a coastal storm hugging the coast (more westerly track) which would mainly be a rain event on Tuesday with wrap-around snow showers insinde 495 on Wednesday. They both agree that some light coastal snow will be falling on Wednesday with colder air wrapping in on the west side of the low pressure system.
As you can tell, it’s going to get busy in the weather department. Please stay tuned to WBZ News for updates.

Happy FRRRiday!
~Melissa :)


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