By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

The sunshine will be back today. Just like yesterday, there will be some high clouds from Boston to southeastern Massachusetts due to a storm far offshore. The northwest breeze will remain light as high temperatures reach the lower 40s for almost everyone. It will be a little cooler as you head toward Central Mass. and southern NH.
Friday will be a bright sunshiny day with the mildest temps as the thermometer readings will be between 45-50F.
The pick day of the weekend, Saturday, will be a bright day with highs in the lower to middle 40s. Then…the active weather pattern begins!
Sunday will be cloudy with a wintry mix setting in. The initial precipitation will most likele be snow showers before the mix begins near the coast and for southeastern Mass.. The wintry mix will continue on Sunday night as well as an intermittent-style wintry mix on Monday. The GFSx and EURO both show a lull in the preciptiation department on Monday, but the GFSx has the precip. ending by midday Monday while the EURO has a morning break as more rain/snow moves in by Monday afternoon. So, even the storm #1 is questionable as to the exact precipitation type and timing for the area. Both models, although timing and storm tracks are not in agreement, are depicting a coastal storm (storm #2) the middle part of next week. We will also have to keep a close eye on coastal flooding/beach erosion potential. As you can tell, our pattern change is going to require a watchful eye from our WBZ Weather Team as well as you, our viewer. We will bring you updates throughout the day(s) viz WBZ News,, WBZ Weather FB page, and our WBZ Weather Twitter page … @wbzweather.

One alarm clock away—>weekend!
~Melissa :)


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