By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

NORTHBORO (CBS) – An Army veteran is facing a criminal charge after a confrontation with a controversial political group on a Northboro sidewalk last week. It was the 71st anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, and the group had set up a display showing a picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache.

Carl Lund destroyed an anti-Obama sign

Carl Lund destroyed an anti-Obama sign

“It was so disrespectful,” says Carl Lund, who’s from Shrewsbury. “You can’t deface currency. You can’t deface the American flag, but you can deface the President of the United States? That’s wrong.”

He was so angry he threw their paraphernalia into the street. “I’m not there to hurt anybody, but if I’m going to kick their table and brochures over, and their stands on the side of the road, OK I’ll suffer the consequences,” he says.

Police say they’re sending him a summons to appear in court on a malicious destruction of property charge.

The group is with the LaRouche PAC, a political organization calling for the impeachment of Obama. A worker at the Boston office tells WBZ the group plans to continue setting up the displays around New England. Northborough Police say as long as they don’t hurt anyone or obstruct traffic, they have a legal right to be there.

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