Another Wiggy Tuesday on Felger & Mazz means it’s time for another edition of “10 Questions with Wiggy.”

Felger & Mazz threw all the hard-hitting questions Wiggy’s way, and a few not-so-hard ones.

Topics this week include the Patriots, Christmas shopping, country music, and much more.

10 Questions with Wiggy:

10. Who is the MVP of the NFL?

9. Other than Tom Brady, who’s the MVP of the Patriots?

8. The 15-5 New York Knicks are current the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference of the NBA and the 9-12 LA Lakers are the No. 12 seed in the Western Conference. What team will be closer to their current seeding at the end of the year?

7. What’s the best way to handle Christmas shopping?

6. Baltimore offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was surprisingly fired by the Ravens on Monday. If there was one coordinator of a single unit in the NFL who deserved to go next, who would it be?

5. Rank them: Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, or am I missing someone?

4. The Super Bowl this year is in New Orleans, which from a fan and media standpoint is the absolute best place for the game in the country, by far. You’ve been to two Super Bowls as a player, and I’m sure a few more as a fan. What’s your favorite location. If New Orleans is No. 1, what’s No. 2?

3. The country music awards were the other night. What are your feelings about modern country music?

2. Quarterbacks who might be available this offseason may include Alex Smith, Mike Vick, Joe Flacco, Tim Tebow, Matt Cassel and Matt Flynn. Who would you take first on that list? Last?

1. What’s the key to the game against San Francisco?


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