BOSTON (CBS) – Celtics head coach Doc Rivers had a special view of the Patriots’ 42-14 victory over the Houston Texans on Monday night, giving him an inside look at “The Patriot Way.”

Rivers was on the sidelines with New England head coach Bill Belichick prior to kickoff, and watched the game — or most of it — from Belichick’s box seats (he admitted to leaving the blowout in the fourth quarter). Rivers was even in on the Patriots’ offensive game plan meeting, and got to see a preview of what they had planned for the Texans.

“I love watching that team play. I was telling our guys that today,” Rivers said from Celtics practice on Tuesday. “It’s just really awesome watching them; how they execute, how professional they are. Every time I go to a Patriots game, I get so much out of it.”

“The Patriots do it on another level,” he said of the weekly game-planning chores in the NFL. “Just the execution. Listening to what they said they wanted to do on offense before the game and then watching them actually do it was pretty impressive.”

Rivers had nothing but praise for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after witnessing him throw four touchdowns on Monday.

“I think Tom Brady is the best quarterback in — I don’t want to say history, but he’s got to be right there,” said Rivers. “I mean, it’s surgical watching him play. And then to have that, plus the relationship (with Belichick),I don’t know if there’s been a better great quarterback relationship with their coach, ever. I guess Bill Walsh and Joe Montana would be the only other one that comes to mind for me. But that’s pretty neat. And they’re so different as people.”

Doc: Rondo Is Celtics’ Tom Brady 

So, who is the Tom Brady of the Boston Celtics?

“Rondo is our Tom Brady, as far as being the point guard/quarterback,” said Rivers. “Kevin (Garnett) probably as far as all of the relationship stuff.”

Rivers wasn’t the only Celtics in attendance on Monday night, with Rondo also on hand for the game. But even though Rondo is the Celtics’ Tom Brady, the two have not crossed paths.

“I don’t know Tom at all,” Rondo said on Tuesday. “I tried to get his autograph and just couldn’t reach him.”

Maybe Doc can give Rondo an assist with that some day.

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