By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – At With Heart & Hand, a gift shop in downtown Manchester, NH, store owner Kathy Hamel says shoppers this season are being prudent as they look around.

“I think they’re definitely being more careful, less impulse buying,” says Hamel.

A new poll out Monday from New England College says New Hampshire shoppers are hesitant to spend more this year than last year during the holiday season.

“When asked if their holiday shopping was going to be higher than in the past, people responding said no,” according to Ben Tafoya of New England College.

The poll shows that while 47% of people believe their personal finances will be stronger in the coming year, meaning there is optimism out there; 57% of people will spend the same as they did last year this holiday season, still signaling signs of financial concern.

“We are now just buying for the children as opposed to buying for every single adult,” said Pat Murdy, a shopper from Manchester.

And leery shoppers watching what they spend means every dollar counts for retailers like Andrea Lessard, who owns both Statement and Shop Estella, two small businesses in downtown Manchester.

“It can be very nerve-racking,” said Lessard. “It can be stressful.”


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