By Jon Keller, WBZ-TV Political Editor

BOSTON (CBS) – I flip on the Sports Hub yesterday and what do I hear? Anxious Red Sox fans, and aren’t we all, going around the bend by calling for the Sox to trade Dustin Pedroia.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

As best I can tell, they feel Pedroia has somehow been tainted by the team’s pitiful skid the last couple of years, and all of a sudden, all of his combativeness that they used to love so much is a negative. Suddenly, he’s a cancer on the team, too quick to dis’ Bobby Valentine, the team’s worst manager ever, and somehow his excuse for not attending Johnny Pesky’s funeral – his nine-month pregnant wife and he couldn’t find a baby sitter on short notice – isn’t good enough.

Hello? Earth to fans?

Please tell me you’re kidding?

Dustin Pedroia is easily the best thing the Red Sox have going for them. Let’s review the record: if we throw out his September callup in 2006 and his injury-plagued season in 2010, Pedroia has averaged 150 games per season, hitting a healthy .307, averaging 18 home runs and 19 stolen bases with a nearly perfect fielding percentage.

Even if he were a total jerk, his numbers would still reflect major value on the field.

And in fact, speaking just as a fan watching from a distance, I find Pedroia to not only not be a jerk, but to be a real Bostonian, even if he is from California.

He’s feisty, funny, very competitive, and loyal to his friends, which explains his well-justified skepticism towards Valentine. He appears to be a devoted husband and father, and is never in trouble off the field.

Exactly what more do we fans want?

No, I say, let’s not trade Dustin Pedroia, let’s lionize him instead, and thankfully that seems to be the Red Sox corporate take as well. So, in this case, good work, Larry Lucchino.

But don’t get too comfortable. If you trade Ellsbury, I’m coming down your chimney, and I won’t be spreading holiday cheer.


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