The MLB winter meetings are almost over and the Red Sox have made a few good signings for next season.

Peter Abraham joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich about moves that would still make sense for the Sox to make and would dealing Jacoby Ellsbury for Cliff Lee ever happen or even work?

Earlier in the week there were reports that the Red Sox met with outfielder Josh Hamilton. Were the Sox just doing their due diligence?

“At the time the Red Sox hadn’t agreed to terms with Shane Victorino, so that was no guarantee. So yeah I think it would make sense to meet with Hamilton just to see what he wanted.”

Former Red Sox and Phillies pitcher Curt Schilling tweeted on Wednesday the Phillies should call the Red Sox and offer up Cliff Lee for Jacoby Ellsbury. Would that trade ever happen?

“I think if they were to trade Ellsbury it would probably not be for Cliff Lee,” said Abraham. “It would have to be a lot more for Cliff Lee because Ellsbury’s only got a year left on his deal and Scott Boris all but started laughing maniacally when the idea of an extension came up yesterday when he was doing his media availability.”

“So anybody trading for Ellsbury is with the knowledge that it’s only going to be until he becomes a free agent, and then you’re in the same pool as everybody else.”

Abraham also discussed a trade he came up with that makes sense for the Red Sox where they could get a starter from the White Sox.


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