By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

It’s time to say good bye to the 50s!  Temperatures are very mild this morning as the cold front is preparing to make its mark here in Southern New England. Highs temps are being felt right now.  Our entire viewing area is in the 50s. A cold front will be the beginning of the end of the mild air mass. It will push the warm air out and allow for the cold air to sink into the region.  Winds will shift to the northwest between 6am-10am from west to east. Then, temperatures will begin to fall as the winds begin to gust up to 30mph this afternoon. It will be a chilly drive home this afternoon and evening as temps fall into the lower and middle 40s.

Thurdsay will be calm and clear with highs topping off around 40F.  Friday will be sunny to start, but clouds will be increasing throughout the afternoon. Highs will be a little warmer in the middle to upper 40s.

This weekend’s weather is going to be unsettled. The exact positioning of a frontal boundary will dictate the exact high temps and our potential for rain, mix, and/or snow.  Here is how it looks this morning—***The GFSx is showing a mild day on Saturday with a few showers. Then, it has the front pushing far enough south on Sunday morning to give us a lull in the precipitation department.  Then, it begins to rebound on Sunday evening when it would be cool enough to support a light rain/snow mix.  The mix would continue Sunday night into Monday morning before switching to all rain due to warm air advection.   The GFSx is showing a drier day on Tuesday.  ***The EURO is a little different.  This model also depicts a cloudy and showery Saturday. Then, on Sunday, it also shows a lull in the showers during the morning with precipitation returning late-day Sunday.  However, it doesn’t push the cold front as far south as the GFSx.  That being said, it does show some cold air damming which (like the GFSx) would promote a light wintry mix, especially north and west of Boston. Up to this point, the models are almost in agreement.  Then, there is early next week. Both the GFSx and the EURO show milder air working in on Monday which would mean a rainy setup. As a cold front moves in from the west and travels eastward, the GFSx has it pushing offshore completely by Tuesday morning. On the flip side, the EURO has the cold front get hung up near the coast on Tuesday due to a wave of low pressure developing along it.  This would keep the precipitation around through Tuesday. With this scenario, there could be a rain/snow mix for eastern Massachusetts.  This is going to be a tough forecast and may entail a decent amount of nowcasting. As always, we will be watching this closely.

Halfway to the weekend…

~Melissa :)


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