MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) —The star witness in the high-profile trial of Myles Webster took the stand today.

Webster is accused of shooting Manchester, NH police officer Dan Doherty seven times in March.

The officer told jurors he was chasing Webster through a westside Manchester neighborhood.

Prosecutors played surveillance video which they say shows Doherty in pursuit.

Doherty testified Webster pulled a gun from his waistband.

“He was loading the gun, putting a bullet into the chamber making it ready to fire,” Doherty told the court.

Doherty says Webster was just a few feet away when the suspect pulled the trigger.

“I fell a round hit me in my back,” testified Doherty. “Once I’m on the ground on my back I’m feeling several other rounds strike me in various parts of my body.”

Prosecutors also played surveillance video which they say shows other officers chasing Webster after the shooting.

But defense attorneys say this is a case of mistaken identity and they’re trying to cast doubts on witness descriptions of the suspect.



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