BOSTON (CBS) – Former Red Sox and Phillies pitcher Curt Schilling had an interesting idea on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.

Schilling thinks the Phillies should call the Red Sox, and offer up left-handed starter Cliff Lee for free-agent-to-be Jacoby Ellsbury.

It’s an intriguing deal, and one that Felger & Mazz didn’t have to give much thought to.

“I would rickshaw him all the way to Philadelphia,” Felger said of Ellsbury. “I would buck him on the back of my bicycle. I would let him ride on the front of my handlebars. Is that even a question?”

“I would do this in a second,” said Mazz. “Lee has three years and $75-million remaining on his contract… I have said all along, if I am the Red Sox I don’t give anyone more than a three-year deal this winter. I would do that for Josh Hamilton, I would do that for Cliff Lee.”

While the money is high on Lee’s contract, he has been durable for the Phillies the last two seasons. He’s pitched over 200 innings in each of the last five seasons, and had an ERA under 3.50 in each of those years. While his win-loss record wasn’t impressive last year at 6-9, he didn’t get much help from the Phillies lackluster offense.

“He pitched well (in 2012). He didn’t win because he didn’t get run support,” said Mazz. “He pitched 200+ innings, can pitch in the AL, and has a perfect delivery. (There are) all types of reasons to do a deal like that.”

“I’ve said the only circumstances where I trade Ellsbury this year is if you can get a number-three starter or better,” said Mazz.

“Cliff Lee is still a front-line starting pitcher and he’s been durable,” added Felger.

Your turn: Would you trade Ellsbury for Cliff Lee? Sound off in the comments section!


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