Comedian Artie Lange is getting back into the swing of things and is bring his standup routine to Boston soon.

In 2001 Lange joined The Howard Stern Show and stayed until late 2009, before a suicide attempt in early 2010 led to an eight-month stay in a psychiatric ward. In 2011 he made his return to radio with Nick DiPaolo to co-host The Nick and Artie show.

Lange called in to talk with Toucher & Rich about his spiral downward and working his way back into show business.

He discussed a backlash he received for comments made on Joe Buck’s HBO show. Had he ever been afraid of getting backlash from something he said on or at a show while he was using?

He also discussed an incident where he blacked out on Conan O’Brien’s show. The guys also talked about his time on The Howard Stern Show and why he hasn’t gone back?

Plus, has he experienced any push back from listeners on his “sports entertainment comedy show” with Nick DiPaolo?

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