It’s a Wiggy Tuesday on Felger and Massarotti and that means it’s time for the latest edition of “10 Questions with Wiggy.” Questions this week include topics such as, Stephen Gostkowski, the Celtics, the 49ers quarterback competition, Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, the Sox, and much more.

10 Questions with Wiggy:
10. Does Stephen Gostkowski scare you? Does he scare you to the point where you would bring in other kickers to give him a push or look at other people?

9. What’s your solution to the fiscal cliff?

8. If you could add one piece to the Boston Celtics, what would it be?

7. Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith?

6. Princess Kate Middleton confirms she is pregnant. Wiggy, other than your wife, who would you like to be the mother of your children? Mazz, who is on your list?

5. Give me your projected Red Sox lineup.

4. Who was, or is, your favorite African-American quarterback of all time? Who was/is the best?

3. Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy or Tim Tebow?

2. Who do you blame for, your alma mater, Georgia’s loss to Alabama in the SEC title game?

1. Not asking who you like this week between Patriots-Texans, but who would you like in a game between the teams on a sunday afternoon at a neutral site with both teams owning a full lineup?


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