Healthy Recipes: Tips For Eating Healthy At Holiday Parties

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BOSTON (CBS) – The holidays are a festive time of year, filled with food and parties, but it can be a challenge trying to avoid gaining weight.

Holistic health coach, Susie Falco, has some tips on how to avoid overindulging.

1. Stay hydrated- be sure to drink a lot of water to help keep you feeling full

2. Don’t starve yourself before a party because it increases the likelihood that you will overeat

3. Use the “one-plate” rule, instead of grazing at a buffet all night long, fill a plate with fruit and veggies, meat and a carb so you can see how much you’re actually eating

4. Limit alcohol consumption – because alcohol contains a lot of calories and can weaken your willpower

5. Fill up on fiber – fruits and vegetables and other healthier options

For more tips and recipes, visit Susie’s website at

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