A few weeks ago, Toucher & Rich sent Adolfo out to the comic book store to ask people how they felt about Disney buying the rights to the Star Wars franchise.

Adolfo asked one of the guys he talked to about his “stack” of comic books, wanting to know what he had. It was so entertaining, the guys thought they’d send Adolfo back to ask some people “what’s in their stack,” among other things.

Last time they sent Adolfo on Tuesday, which he said isn’t a big day since all the new books come out on Wednesday. The guys kept this in mind and sent him on new book day this time around.

Adolfo found one gentleman who was willing to chat about what he had in his stack, and after a conversation that left T&R puzzled, Adolfo asked him a few other questions — with Toucher and Rich trying to guess the answers.

Try it out and see if you can guess how the guy will answer these questions:

1. What is your favorite snack?

2. What is your favorite beverage?

3. If you could be any comic book character who would you be?

4. Do you own any figurines/action figures?

5. Name as many Star Wars characters as you can in 60 seconds.

Enjoy the latest edition of “What’s In Your Stack?”!


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