BOSTON (CBS) – Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo spoke with NBA officials on Thursday regarding his role in Wednesday night’s “pushing war” against the Brooklyn Nets.

“I told them the truth,” Rondo said at the Celtics practice facility on Thursday. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. They haven’t made a decision yet, so I’m just waiting to hear back from the league. I went through practice today hoping I’ll play tomorrow, but you never know.”

Rondo Gives His Take: 

“You never know, you just never know,” he said of a potential suspension. “It’s out of my control. Whatever the consequences are, that’s what they are. I don’t think I did anything dirty. I didn’t try to start a riot. I don’t think it was more than a pushing war. That’s about it.”

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Rondo was ejected for fighting with the Nets after he shoved Nets forward Kris Humphries into the stands following a hard foul on Kevin Garnett right before halftime. Humphries fouled Garnett as he went to the basket and sent him to the floor. Rondo wasn’t pleased with it Wednesday night, and felt the same way Thursday afternoon.

“I thought the play on Kevin was a malicious play, you know?” he said. “I got hurt last year on a similar play like that — a guy going up in the air, defenseless, on his way down. And you know, I just, I pushed Humphries. And after that, it was a pushing war.”

Rondo regrets that he may miss some games because of the altercation, but at the same time defended himself for sticking up for his teammate.

“I know I have to be out there for my teammates.  That’s the only thing [I regret] about it,” said Rondo. “But, I was sticking up for my teammates. I didn’t try to start a fight. I’m not trying to be a bully. I just didn’t think the play was fair that he made on Kevin, that’s all.”

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