BOSTON (CBS) – The Boston Celtics were without Rajon Rondo for the second half of Wednesday night’s loss to the Brooklyn Nets, and they should expect to be without their point guard for at least a few more games.

Rondo is likely facing a multi-game suspension from the NBA for his part in a fight with the Nets.

With 29.5 seconds remaining in the first half, Kevin Garnett was fouled by Nets forward Kris Humphries as he went to the basket. Rondo took exception to Humphries sending Garnett to the floor, and started a shoving match that spilled into the stands. Rondo and Humphries were both ejected (Rondo for fighting and Humphries was give two technicals for the foul and fighting), as was Brooklyn forward Gerald Wallace for his shoving match with Garnett.

While it’s honorable that Rondo stuck up for Garnett to a forward that has eight inches and 50-pounds on him, it’s going to cost him and his team over the next week. Rondo was the clear agitator of the fracas, and the NBA saw it as such.

“Rondo initiated everything that preceded after the foul,” crew chief James Capers told reporters after the game. “And when he and Humphries go into the stands, they are involved in a fight. Fighting is an automatic ejection.”

Expect the NBA to act quickly with Rondo, who is starting to develop a bit of a track record when it comes to getting suspended.

Rondo was suspended for three games last year, two regular season and one playoff game, for a pair of altercations he got into with referees. His first was for throwing a ball at an official in Detroit, which earned him a two-game ban. In the first round of the playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks last season, he bumped official Marc Davis in Game 1 and was suspended for Game 2.

It’s safe to assume Rondo will get at least three games for his most recent run-in, but given his track record, David Stern may come down hard on the Celtics point guard. If that is the case, Rondo could be watching as many as from five games — and potentially more — for this most recent altercation.

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