By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – After a Thanksgiving weekend spent reuniting with friends and family, and giving thanks for all the blessings we share as Americans, we’re now into the season for peace on earth and goodwill toward man.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

At least, most of us are.

I spent much of yesterday keeping an eye on CNN for work reasons, and I came away from that grim experience with the impression that official Washington doesn’t quite get it about the most wonderful time of the year.

Let’s start with the uproar over U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, who was the unlucky administration spokesperson sent out on the Sunday talk-show circuit the weekend after the fatal Al-Qaeda attack on our diplomats in Libya.

To her defenders, her bogus explanation that what happened was backlash against an anti-Muslim video was the result of poor intelligence and honest confusion; to her critics, it was dishonest political campaign spin.

It’s hard to believe that almost three months later, the defenders still can’t bring themselves to apologize for the mistakes that were obviously made, while the critics can’t acknowledge that government officials put out spin like this all the time.

Instead, neither side seems to get that the campaign is over, and there ought to be at least a brief window of opportunity for reasonable give-and-take before the next campaign begins.

The same willful ignorance applies to their posturing over the fiscal cliff, which needs to be solved by rational spending reductions and revenue increases.

All I hear coming from most of the alleged leaders on both sides is finger-pointing, the same old garbage they’ve been spewing for years.

The president and leaders of Congress cannot go to Camp David for a week and hash this thing out like grown men and women?


Something tells me they didn’t get the memo about the spirit of the season.

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