By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – It was a recipe for a bitter feud between customer and chef at an award-winning restaurant.

Sandy Tremblay cooked up a comment on the Facebook page of Pigalle, a posh Parisian-themed restaurant in Boston, letting the trendy eatery know she did not like the Thanksgiving meal she was served. She wrote, in part, “Really horrible pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving…wow…the whole meal was awful…thanks for ruining my Thanksgiving”.

The Nashua, New Hampshire woman spoke exclusively to WBZ-TV today.

“It was just really horrific and I’m very in tune with the food scene in Boston,” said Tremblay. “I go to very upscale restaurants and I’m just horrified.”

Tremblay says she did not expect anything from her post except perhaps an apology, and was stunned when the restaurant’s chef and owner replied, “Hey Sandy…go (expletive) yourself…if you had any clue about eating out you would of informed your server…not on Facebook…again (expletive) you.”

The salty responses laced with expletives went viral, and much of the exchange we cannot print.

Sandy posted “I find it absolutely hilarious that you go on a personal attack and don’t even address the real issue that the food (expletive)…”

The prominent Pigalle chef and owner, Marc Orfaly, who wrote “I find you as vomitus as your pallet” to Sandy, told WBZ-TV today over the phone he was advised not to comment.

As for Tremblay, who teaches cooking classes to kids, she says she had no idea her post would not only be seen worldwide but that it would get so heated with the chef himself.

“I was not nice with my comments, but I never said anything personal,” said Tremblay. “I was just talking about the food. I had no idea that it was going to turn into this at all.”

Late Wednesday, Orfaly posted on Pigalle’s Facebook page an apology.

“Last night a disappointed customer aired her concerns here rather than telling us in the restaurant. I must first apologize for my comments. They were not in the spirit of Pigalle, and nor do I wish for them to reflect on the hard work of my staff and their commitment towards hospitality. I am sorry. The truth is, I overreacted. While we feel that if a guest is dissatisfied, they should bring it to our attention immediately, there is no excuse for name-calling and foul language. I was wrong. My hope is that each person who walks through our door has a wonderful dinner & service, but I also hope each person feels comfortable enough to let us know if they are not having this experience. Although, my comments did not reflect this, I truly respect and acknowledge the importance of feedback, good and bad. Now, I aim to move forward and focus on delivering the best experience possible for our diners. I hope you will come in and let us show you our best.”

Also late Wednesday, Orfaly and Tremblay have spoken on the phone and apologized to each other.


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