The hypothetical debate of “Would you trade Tom Brady for Andrew Luck?” generated such great discussion a few weeks ago, Toucher & Rich decided to have another Hypothetical Tuesday this week.

Questions for debate:

If you had to replace Tom Brady and Bill Belichick with one other quarterback and coach combo, would you rather have Philip Rivers and Norv Turner or Tony Romo and Jason Garrett?

If the Jets signed Peyton Manning in the offseason, what would their record be at the end of the regular season?

If the Jacksonville Jaguars had a brand new quarterback tomorrow, who would sell more tickets: Peyton Manning or Tim Tebow?

If Jon Bon Jovi told Bill Belichick to cut Vince Wilfork or Bon Jovi and Belichick would no longer be friends, would Bill do it? Would Bill Belichick give up his three Super Bowl rings to be Jon Bon Jovi for a year?

If you were cursed to look like one of the Van Gundy brothers for the rest of your life and the appearance could never be altered, who would you choose to look like: Jeff or Stan?


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