By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – Whether you voted for it or against it, medical marijuana dispensaries are coming to Massachusetts and possibly in a new vending machine-style Medbox dispenser.

Bruce Bedrick is president of Medbox and Kind Clinics.

“We are the safest, most secure and legally compliant marijuana dispensary in the industry,” Bedrick said.

Natick Police Chief James Hicks says the state’s chiefs of police question its security.

“I have some concerns about it. Just the thought of it being dispensed through a machine; how does the machine regulate it? and how is it being dispensed?” Chief Hicks said.

Bedrick says these dispensers will not be found in your local convenience stores but only in state regulated doctor’s offices under tight security.

“If the patient tries to get more than what is allowed by the state it will stop the dispense,” Bedrick said.

Starting next year, there will be 35 state authorized marijuana dispensers but right now it’s still not clear where they will be located.

On Wednesday Boston City Councilor Rob Consalvo is filing legislation to amend the city’s zoning code to include the issue of marijuana dispensaries.

“We need to be creative on where we focus our zoning that these places can open. We need to look near hospitals and where people are getting specific medical care,” Consalvo said.

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