Gresh & Zo were joined by national baseball insider Jon Heyman to discuss some of the trade rumors swirling around Major League Baseball.

Reports said that the Red Sox have had preliminary discussions with the Kansas City Royals about a trade centered around pitcher Jon Lester and top prospect Wil Myers. Is this thing on the front burner or are we just in tire kicking mode?

“I have not heard that it’s on the front burner and that kind of a trade is difficult to make because both those teams are trying to contend next year. So, it’s hard for me to imagine a deal working out for Boston in which they take prospects back for Lester, you trade Lester you’re basically giving up the idea of contending next year.”

They moved on to discuss catcher Mike Napoli who hit .227 last season with an .812 OPS for the Rangers. The slugging catcher met with the Mariners and Red Sox, but has said he would prefer to remain with Texas. Could the Sox end up giving him a better deal to get him in town?

Plus, where does Heyman think Nick Swisher will end up and what stats do teams take into consideration when looking at these guys?


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