Felger and Massarotti continued the day discussing the Boston Red Sox and a report that said the Sox may be interested in trading pitcher Jon Lester to the Kansas City Royals for a top prospect, outfielder Wil Myers.

The Kansas City Star is reporting the Royals are trying to shop Myers for a front-line starter. Should the Red Sox trade Lester for some prospects?

What are the chances of a prospect being sent from a small market to a major market and becoming a productive major leaguer?

“With regard to this particular proposal, I have questions and concerns about Wil Myers. And I’ve never seen him play,” Mazz said. “I know that in 2011, the guy had a disappointing year and then this year he bounced back. It also sounds like he doesn’t have a position. So this particular guy to me comes with some red flags. I wouldn’t make this deal if I were the Red Sox.

“If I’m going to trade Jon Lester, I want something that is damn near close to a sure thing,” Mazz said.


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