It’s a Wiggy Tuesday with Jermaine on Felger and Massarotti, and that means it time for the latest edition of “10 Questions with Wiggy.” This week the topics included the Patriots, Boston College football, Red Sox, casinos in Massachusetts, and much more.

10 Question with Wiggy:
10. What has encouraged you the most, if anything, about the Patriots defense the last few games?

9. Who should Boston College pick for their next head coach? As a born-and-bread Bostonian, do you care about BC? Did you want to go there?

8. Under any circumstances, would you trade Jon Lester?

7. In the last couple of weeks, the Pats have survived well without starting offensive linemen like Logan Mankins, Dan Connolly and Sebastian Vollmer. If you had to pick one reason why they are able to survive and thrive without those players, what is it?

6. Be honest, When Jim Swartz botched the Justin Forsett play on Thanksgiving, did you know the rule?

5. Where do you want the new casino? Everett, Suffolk Downs, or Foxboro?

4. Boston is known as being not the greatest place for African-Americans. I’m not talking about racism or things like that. I’m talking about nightlife. I’m talking about the social scene. I ask you: Is this true? If a friend of yours in the NBA was here visiting for the night, where would you take him to prove that it wasn’t true? Anywhere?

3. Have you ever kicked another player in the nuts? Have you ever been kicked? What’s the worst ball grab you’ve ever suffered at the bottom of a fumble pile? Have you ever planted your face in someone’s ass?

2. Does your alma mater Georgia have a chance against Alabama? Does Notre Dame have a chance against the winner?

1. I’m not asking your for a prediction this week because we know the answer. so I’ll ask: Does anything scare you about the Dolphins in this game?


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