Felger and Massarotti were joined by Mike Pereira of Fox Sports to discuss some of the calls during Week 12 of the NFL.

The first controversial call the guys discussed came from the Lions-Texans game on Thanksgiving. Lions coach Jim Schwartz threw his challenge flag after the Justin Forsett touchdown run. Schwartz wanted to challenge that Forsett’s knee was down on the play. With the new review rules in the NFL, scoring plays are automatically reviewed. Once Schwartz threw the challenge flag, the review is negated and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was called. Even though Forsett’s knee was down, the touchdown call stood. Does the NFL have to change this rule?

Pereira provides some of the history regarding the thought process that went into creating the rule. He also was asked about Schwartz’s reputation among officials, whether replay can really show where a ball is down on the field, and whether there’s too much replay in general in the sport.


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