BOSTON (CBS) – After a long Thanksgiving break, Gresh & Zo are back at it serving up some NFL playoff talk.

The Patriots are sitting pretty at 8-3, and can clinch the AFC East with a win in Miami on Sunday. But with the 10-1 Texans and 9-2 Ravens sitting ahead of them in the standings, even if New England wins out the rest of the way they will likely have to play on Wild Card weekend.

“It’s up to this team. They’re really not going to get a lot of help,” said Gresh. “They have a hat and t-shirt game this weekend, but I think we’re all thinking big picture. I know they have to handle their business in Miami this Sunday to take care of the division and get that squared away, then it’s how high can you get in the standings?”

“I just don’t think anybody is going to beat Houston enough to help the Patriots,” added Gresh.

After their game in Miami, the Patriots will host the Texans at Gillette on Monday night football. It will give New England a chance to inch closer to the Texans, and secure a tie-breaker over them.

“There are two teams in the AFC: Houston and (the Patriots),” said Zolak. “I’m not buying Baltimore – too many injuries. If the Patriots play them again, I don’t care where it is, there is no Ray Lewis, no Ed Reed; that’s tough to overcome.”

Zolak adds that if the Patriots take care of business against Houston and the 49ers (who come to Gillette the week after Houston), they’ll have a good opportunity to rest their stars against the Dolphins in Week 17. And with a young team on a roll, they may be better off playing Wild Card weekend instead of resting.

“If (the Pats) play great against San Francisco, beat the hell out of Houston, the way this team is built, and how they came out and played Buffalo after the bye, it might be a better case scenario with a young football team… they might be better not to play with a break and just continue playing right through,” said Zo.


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