By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

BRAINTREE (CBS) – There’s been so much talk about huge sales over the last few days, it’s easy to feel like the best of the bargains has passed you by, and it’s not even December. But experts say there is still plenty of time – and retailers will keep improving their deals until the very last moment.

“You have not missed out on any deals,” says Albert Ko, bargain hunting expert and the man behind “These retailers are hurting; they want your business.”

Ko says the best deals are online, but this year there’s a twist: companies want to see your face.

“For example Best Buy,” Ko explains. “If you’re buying any product that’s over $250, they’ll also give you a $25 voucher, but you have to pick it up in store. So that’s one of the marketing gimmicks that a lot of these stores are utilizing this year.”

The theory, of course: Once you’re in the store, you’re more likely to buy something else.

And just like Black Friday crept into Thanksgiving Day this year, Cyber Monday is on the move, too. “Cyber Monday isn’t Cyber Monday anymore,” says Ko. “It’s actually becoming Cyber Week. and soon it’s going to become Cyber December.”

Aggregator sites like Ko’s make it easy to track the deals. He says they are out there, if you’re quick.

“The best deals are actually gone very quickly; within minutes they’re already sold out,” he explains.

There is also old fashioned advice for this season: Haggle. Ko says if you see a great bargain online, try to talk to the manager in store. There’s a chance they will try to at least match it.


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