Barry Burbank

There is a reservoir of very cold air in Canada and some of that chill has migrated across the border into the northern U.S. and now into New England. Following a cold frontal passage early this morning, the day turned out decent with ample sunshine and a gusty westerly wind. As an upper level trough of low pressure shifted eastward across the region later in the afternoon, patches of clouds appeared and a few of these delivered isolated sprinkles and flakes. After tonight’s lows in the upper 20s, another weak perturbation will provide patchy clouds tomorrow as it warms up to near or just slightly over 40 degrees. The wind will continue brisk and gusty. Travelers returning from their holiday destinations tomorrow will find essentially fine conditions coast to coast. There could be a few patches of rain and snow from the northern Rockies into the northern Plains and that’s it for trouble spots.

Below average temperatures are likely in our area the rest of November and attached to that is a threat of some snow Tuesday afternoon and night. It all stems from a flat wave of low pressure emerging from the Tennessee Valley. It will be steered south of New England and its shield of snow will be propelled across PA, interior NJ, southeastern NY into southern New England. It’s time of arrival is presently projected for Tuesday afternoon prior to the homebound commute. The anticipated track will result in little if any snow over northern New England into extreme northern MA. Over southeastern MA and certainly the Cape, milder air flowing in from the Atlantic suggests rain or a mix before ending as all snow early Wednesday morning. The potential exists for 1-4 inches of snow with the highest totals across CT, interior RI and Bristol County and interior Plymouth County in MA. Expect some tweaking of this scenario as the storm track becomes more clearly defined in the next 24-36 hours. Looking ahead to the end of next week, another strong cold front may race out of eastern Canada and spill some very cold air into the Northeast on Friday through Sunday.

Joe Joyce delivers his latest 7-Day WBZ AccuWeather Forecast in the morning and I shall return later in the day. Since tomorrow is the conclusion of the Thanksgiving Weekend, I will be posting my Winter Outlook between 7 and 8pm.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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