On a special “Black Friday” edition of the show, Felger & Mazz kick things off with their thoughts on the Patriots 49-19 stomping of the Jets on Thursday night.

The Patriots answered their critics and delivered yet another strong defense performance against their division rival. One play in particular stood out, showing just how far apart these two teams are.

With the Patriots up 14-0 in the second quarter, Mark Sanchez mishandled the hand-off and had to improve. But Vince Wilfork pushed New York guard Brandon Moore back, and Sanchez ran right into his backside, fumbling the ball for Steve Gregory to scoop up and find the end zone 32 yards later.

The play was part of a span in which the Patriots scored 21 points in 52 seconds, and all but sealed the game for New England. And it’s not one Jets fans will forget about anytime soon.

“That is a play that will live forever now,” said Mazz.

“What I love is it was first down coming out of a time out. You have something like eight minutes of real time to call the play, make sure everyone is on the same page, and run the play. And they couldn’t; that’s the first part.”

“Then Sanchez blows the play, runs the wrong way, runs into his offensive lineman’s ass, and fumbles off it. The Patriots get seven points without ever touching the offensive player. Sanchez was never touched by the defense and still put it on the ground for seven points.”

“That play last night has to have a name for Jets people,” said Felger.

“They’re a laughingstock, an embarrassment, however you want to put it,” added Felger. “You have to think that’s the end for the Jets, that’s rock bottom. How do they get lower?

So what should this play be called as it goes down in Patriots-Jets history? Leave your suggestions what to call it in the comments section!

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