By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

Final, 49-19 Patriots: Don’t mess with the Patriots on Thanksgiving. They won 20-12 back in 2002 in Detroit, they won 45-12 in Detroit in 2010, and they won 49-19 tonight against the Jets.

Fourth quarter, 2:21, 49-19 Patriots: The Jets drove and scored, but they did it in front of about 500 people left in the stadium. So does it still count?

Fourth quarter, 4:01, 49-12 Patriots: Brady did throw the ball a bit, but everyone survived unscathed. The Jets take over at their 20 after Mesko’s punt bounced through the end zone.

Fourth quarter, 9:36, 49-12 Patriots: Well, Brady is still in there. Still, he’s likely done passing at this point.

Fourth quarter, 9:36, 49-12 Patriots: The Jets punted, and it’s probably safe to assume Ryan Mallett will find his way into this game to hand the ball off a few times.

Fourth quarter, 11:07, 49-12 Patriots: The Patriots’ lead is probably safe now.

Tom Brady’s offense needed just two plays to turn that Chaz Schilens fumble into seven points, with Brady hitting Welker over the deep middle for a gain of 28 yards. Ridley took the next play around the right end, and the Jets’ defense looked to have already given up on this one. Pats lead 49-12.

Fourth quarter, 11:45, 42-12 Patriots: The Jets just turned the ball over for the fifth time tonight, and the Patriots take over at the New York 37.

Brady is still in the game, which is sure to rile up some folks.

Fourth quarter, 12:02, 42-12: Tom Brady absorbed a huge hit on a touchdown pass that was taken away due to offensive pass interference, but that didn’t deter him from diving headfirst across the goal line to give the Patriots a 42-12 lead.

That QB sneak wouldn’t have been possible if not for a great play on third down two plays prior, when Brady spun away from pressure and hit Shane Vereen in the flat. Vereen looked dead to rights, but he broke free from Landry’s tackle and picked up the first down.

End of third quarter, 35-12 Patriots: The Patriots are on the move and will face a third-and-2 from the Jets’ 33-yard line when the fourth quarter begins.

This drive has featured a Tom Brady quarterback sneak and a third-down completion to Welker, who was right at the sticks.

Third quarter, 4:41, 35-12 Patriots: The Jets march down the field on five plays, the biggest being a 39-yard connection from Sanchez to Cumberland, and score their first touchdown of the night.

Third quarter, 6:47, 35-5 Patriots: The Jets are back on the board, as Stevan Ridley and Michael Hoomanawanui get called for a chop block. Because it occurred in the end zone, it resulted in a safety. Mesko kicked to the Jets, who take over at their own 29.

Third quarter, 6:56, 35-3 Patriots: The Jets just can’t catch a break, as Chaz Shilens was ruled to have dropped what looked like a touchdown pass. It was ruled incomplete, and Rex Ryan challenged, but the play stood as called. The Jets then got a first-and-goal after the Pats jumped offside, but they couldn’t punch it in, with Greene getting stuffed behind the line of scrimmage, again with a host of white jerseys penetrating and making the stop.

In other news, Edelman left the field and walked to the locker room. After absorbing that helmet-to-helmet hit, he looked to suffer a concussion.

Third quarter, 10:34, 35-3 Patriots: The good times stop rolling for the Patriots, as a reverse pitch to Julian Edelman ends with the receiver taking a mighty shot from LaRon Landry, fumbling the ball away and appear to suffer a bit of a head injury. Edelman was down on the turf for a bit before getting to his feet, but the replay showed Landry hit him helmet-to-helmet.

Third quarter, 12:45, 35-3 Patriots: The Jets got the ball to open the half. The Jets ran three plays. The Jets punted.

Halftime, 35-3 Patriots: The New York Jets may be down, but they’re not out. Far from it, actually — they just kicked a field goal!

The kick cuts the New England lead to just 32 points, and with the Jets getting the ball after halftime, another touchdown drive could turn this into a three-possession game!

(In case you can’t tell, that was me being sarcastic.)

In all seriousness, things got ugly fast for the Jets, and there are tens of thousands of angry folks trapped inside MetLife Stadium forced to watch Lenny Kravitz perform.

For some absurd perspective on the Patriots right now, they’ve outscored their opponents 70-10 in the past four quarters of football. That stretch includes an interception returned for a touchdown, two fumbles returned for a touchdown and four touchdown passes by Brady. Wow.

Second quarter, 3:08, 35-0 Patriots: The onslaught continues.

Facing a third-and-5 from the New England 44-yard line, Brady took a snap, calmly stood in the pocket and then launched a deep ball to Edelman. The receiver got behind LaRon Landry, caught the pass at about the 20, avoided Landry’s tackle and ran into the end zone.

This is a beating.

Second quarter, 5:01, 28-0 Patriots: The bad news for the Jets is that nobody blocked Jerod Mayo and he ran free to sack Sanchez on third down. The good news is they were able to punt, thus avoiding any fumbles leading directly to turnovers. Baby steps…

Second quarter, 8:51, 28-0 Patriots: Speechless.

After scoring an unfathomable touchdown, the Patriots score on the very next play, Devin McCourty crushed Joe McKnight on the kick return, forcing a fumble that popped up right into the arms of Julian Edelman. Edelman easily jogged in for the touchdown to give the Patriots a 28-0 lead.

Second quarter, 9:00, 21-0 Patriots: That’s not exactly how football teams plan on scoring, but the Patriots will take it.

On first-and-10, Mark Sanchez looked to attempt a handoff, but his running backs were nowhere to be found. Sanchez tried to scramble and make the most of it, but he ran straight into Brandon Moore. It looked as if Sanchez just didn’t see the giant O-lineman, as he absolutely got leveled. Gregory picked it up and ran it in for the score. Gregory now has a pick, two fumble recoveries and a TD.

Second quarter, 9:43, 14-0 Patriots: Wow. That’s about all there is to say about that.

On first-and-10 from their own 17, Brady lined up in the shotgun next to Vereen. Brady took the snap, looked up the middle of the field and then saw Vereen running a swing pattern to the left. With the defense focused elsewhere, Vereen was uncovered and ended up breaking free along the sideline, making it all 83 yards down the field into the end zone.

From a fourth-and-1 in Patriots territory to a 14-0 deficit in a matter of a few ticks off the clock. That’s life for the Jets this year.

Second quarter, 9:56, 7-0 Patriots: The Jets decided to go for it on fourth-and-1 from the New England 30, and it didn’t work out. Shonn Greene was stuffed by a whole host of white jerseys behind the line of scrimmage, and he ended up fumbling, with Steve Gregory recovering. The Patriots lost a few yards in that ordeal but the offense will get back to work.

Second quarter, 14:54, 7-0 Patriots: With Rob Gronkowski out of the game, defenses can and should focus much more attention on Wes Welker. The New York Jets failed to do that on third-and-goal, with Ellis Lankster completely forgetting about No. 83 and letting him slip open to the front of the end zone. Brady rolled to his right and hesitated for a second, perhaps not believing what he was seeing. He then reared back and fired a bullet into Welker’s chest, and the Pats now lead 7-0.

End of first quarter, 0-0: The Patriots are looking to make the most of that interception, and they’re doing a good job thus far. They’ve methodically driven 81 yards thus far, and they’ll face a third-and-goal from the 3 when the second quarter begins.

Ridley has 19 yards on this drive, but Shane Vereen’s gotten a healthy dose of carries as well. Danny Woodhead, too.

First quarter, 5:55: The Jets were driving, and then they got Sanchez’d.

The quarterback stood in the pocket, facing no pressure at all and threw a pass over the middle right into the arms of Patriots safety Steve Gregory. Nothing kills a drive quite like throwing a pass into a defender’s gut.

First quarter, 10:14: Stephen Gostkowski’s issues continue, as he misses a relatively easy 39-yard field goal attempt. He simply hooked it left.

Ninkovich is back on the sidelines.

First quarter, 11:30: Some news that may bear watching — Rob Ninkovich went to the locker room with the team doctor. Not sure what happened as of yet.

In better news for the Patriots, Aaron Hernandez just had a catch and run for 27 yards.

First quarter, 12:05: Dont’a Hightower ran free off the edge on the first play, sacking Mark Sanchez. It was a big play, and the Jets were unable to pick up the first down, punting to Julian Edelman. Edelman got the ball out to the Pats’ 36 with a nice return, and Brady and the offense will get their second shot.

First quarter, 13:28: The post-Gronkowski offense is off to a rough start, with Brady facing pressure right up the middle and getting penalized for intentional grounding on the first play of the game. With Marcus Cannon starting at right tackle and Donald Thomas at left guard, it could be a tough night for this offense.

Zoltan Mesko booted the ball away, and Mark Sanchez and the Jets now take over on their own 35.

First quarter, 14:53: Devin McCourty returned the opening kick to the 19, and we’re under way.

8:28 p.m.: Rex takes a page out of Belichick’s book, as the Jets win the toss and defer to the second half.

Belichick likes deferring because it gives his team the opportunity to score going into halftime and then coming out of halftime, leading to a potential 14- or 10-point swing in a short time.

8:03 p.m.: Done with turkey and ready for some Patriots football, are we?

That’s good, because the Cowboys-Redskins game is winding down and the clock is ticking to the kickoff of this Pats-Jets game.

As we already knew yesterday, Rob Gronkowski, Chandler Jones and Logan Mankins are all inactive for the Pats. Also inactive are Sebastian Vollmer, Jake Bequette, Marquice Cole and newly signed Markus Zuscuics. The Vollmer absence will be huge and bears watching, as Dante Scarnecchia will once again try to piece things together on his offensive line. He will have Dan Connolly though.

6:30 p.m.: Finish up your final helping of turkey, because it’s almost time for Patriots football.

With the traditional Thanksgiving games ending early in the evening, the Jets and Patriots will take center stage from New Jersey, with kickoff coming around 8:20 p.m. in the East.

Obviously, the big story for this one is how Tom Brady’s offense adjusts to the huge void left by Rob Gronkowski. The tight end plays roughly 95 percent of the team’s offensive snaps, and he’s tied for the NFL lead with 10 touchdowns. With Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd, Aaron Hernandez and Julian Edelman, Brady still has options, but the offense should look very different tonight in New Jersey.

Check back soon, as we’ll have the inactives and all other pregame news, then all the updates throughout the game.


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