MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – When it comes to Black Friday bargain hunting “we don’t stop. We go, go, go!”

That’s how Erica Murphy describes the all-night shopping spree she takes on every year with her mom, Cheryl.

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The Manchester mother-daughter shopping duo has been hitting the shops on Black Friday for decades. And during a trip to the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester they shared with us their advice to get everything on their Christmas list in just one whirlwind shopping spree.


“Organize the list by what time everything is opening geographically,” that’s the first step explains Erica.

Plot out that early morning route by stores closest to the house and be sure to keep in mind the time of any “door buster deals” that are on the list.


Once inside the store, Cheryl says, “the best thing to do is take a scan of the aisles because people will take four things then realize I don’t really need all this.”

Those unwanted items will wind up where you least expect them. One year Erica and Cheryl found a deeply discounted video game in the vacuum section.


“Another good tip is before you go the cash register go to the front of the store. They have carriages that are usually filled with things that need to go back to the departments. If there’s an item we can’t find, seven times out of ten they’ll be there and we’ll find them.”

When faced with an incredibly long line the dynamic duo stashed their loot in an empty area of the store.

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They came back a few hours later, picked up a few more things, and checked out – without the crowds.


This year Cheryl and Erica will be bringing along their beach cart to keep from loading up their arms with gifts and they won’t have to fight the crowds for a shopping cart.

As much as they love shopping in the stores, they admit shopping online has it’s perks.


“I also do online shopping before we even leave the house because there’s a couple of stores that will launch their prices online before they actually open the physical stores,” say Erica.

“Last year, I said pretty soon we may just be sitting in our bathrobes, drinking our tea, shopping online, and we looked at each other and said ‘I don’t think so! This is too much fun!’ “


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