The Boston Celtics are sitting at a lackluster 6-5 early in the season, and with Darko Milicic leaving the team perhaps for the whole season, a roster spot could be opening up.

Former Celtics forward and current analyst Brian Scalabrine said his own former teammate, Kenyon Martin, is perfect for the job.

“My opinion is I cannot believe that Kenyon Martin does not have a job in the NBA,” Scalabrine said of Martin, who will turn 35 years old in December. “He has a high basketball IQ and he would fit in so well with this team. Defensively, he can guard LeBron James. That’s a reality. He’s 6-foot-9, he’s incredibly quick, he’s athletic, and he’s tough. He’s not afraid.

“That would really help this team in the sense that it would bring another guy with toughness.”

Martin averaged 5.2 points, 4.3 rebounds and one block in his 22.4 minutes per game last season for the Clippers, and Scalabrine said any rumors of Martin being a bad locker room presence are false.

“I know Kenyon Martin is a guy who’s all about winning,” Scalabrine said. “He will fit in fine. Doc Rivers is such a good coach. Last year, he had a problem in L.A., but he was playing for Vinny Del Negro. I can understand why he would be ‘disrepectful’ in the locker room or maybe he wouldn’t do what the coach wanted him to do. He wouldn’t be playing for Vinny Del Negro; he’d be playing for Doc Rivers. And Kevin Garnett will be there, and the culture of the Celtics organization is too strong to mess that up. And he’s not like that at all.

“If you know Kenyon Martin, he’s about winning, first and foremost, and he’s about playing hard. That’s it,” Scalabrine continued. “He doesn’t worry about his numbers or anything like that. Big fan of his, and he’s incredibly intelligent as a basketball player.”

Scalabrine also took calls from fans, and he sounded like a natural radio host.


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