BOSTON (CBS) – Jermaine Wiggins joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger and Massarotti  for a “Wiggy Tuesday.”

And we all know that can mean only one thing: 10 Questions with Wiggy.

Topics this week include the NFL, the Pats, the Celtics, the entertainment world, and much more.

10 Question with Wiggy:

10. What are Wiggy’s thoughts on Ed Reed’s one-game suspension from the NFL for hits to defenseless receivers.

9. What’s the one thing that scares Wiggy about the Jets this week? Is there anything?

8. What is the fascination with pro athletes snapping pictures of their “hogans”?

7. What are Wiggy’s thoughts about Doc Rivers putting Rajon Rondon back into a blowout loss in Detroit on Sunday so he could get a couple of assists to extend his double-digit assist streak?

6. Tom Brady has thrown three interceptions this season. His career low is four, set in 2010. He hasn’t thrown an interception in over a month and the over/under for picks he’ll throw the rest of the season is at two. What do you say, over or under?

5. Who is Wiggy’s favorite African-American entertainer alive today? What about of all-time?

4. If Wiggy was in charge of the Red Sox, would he take a chance on Josh Hamilton?

3. Hardy just went to see The Who at the Garden and was disappointed. If Wiggy could pick one band, or one artist, whether they be dead or simply past their prime, and go back in time and see them at their best, who would it be?

2. As a player, what’s Wiggy’s fondest memory of playing on Thanksgiving; high school, college or pro?

1. Prediction for Thursday night’s Patriots-Jets game?


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